Haven Press provides screen imaging services.

Our screen imaging services are designed for artistic clients looking take screens back to their studios for their own use- commercial, personal, artistic, or otherwise. Customers can supply digital images or may elect to produce hand painted films- if you wish to hire us to help you produce hand painted/drawn/collaged films for silkscreen imaging services, Mark will assist you in the film production at the workshop for a rate of 65.00/hour active assistance, and 25.00/hour on-site facilities use after the first hour. Mark can provide the correct film substrate, inks, and materials required for a variety of hand-produced effects with a mind towards registration, correct image exposure, and processing steps for the accurate creation of an artwork which will transition to mesh in a printable way.


Please note: The minimum charge for screen production is 220.00, or higher. Generally this is worthwhile enough to image between 2-4 screens depending on size or cost; but this is the minimum charge for screen imaging services. If you would like to supply a single screen, please note the pricing is the same.

Please email us for additional questions. mark@havenpress.com

Sizes (all sizes are in O.D. of frame; so frame dimensions, outer.) - price per additional screen - Number of screens for min price.

22x31 - 45.00. - (5 screens minimum)
25x36 - 65.00 - (4 screens minimum)
30x40 - 75.00 - (4 screens minimum)
36x48 - 85.00 - (3 screens minimum)
40x54 - 130.00 - (2 screens minimum)

48x72 - 265.00 (CALL about this size please)

To have a screen made, you need to notify us and be ready to supply the following information:

Discuss your substrate- please let us know what you are intending to print on, and with what ink. This will enlist our expertise in recommending a mesh, and even a squeegee durometer to work with the substrate you're going to use. We may even elect to recommend an ink if you are not already certain of what you will use.

Supply an image and designate a style of processing.
Examples of processing styles: Line art/flat graphic art, Halftone/photo reproduction, Vector art with smooth curves
After you supply your image and explain what you are looking to print your image onto, we will recommend a mesh and screen to supply. Of course, customers certain of their needs are welcome to designate these points if knwon- but for those who are not certain of what to use for their desired results, part of the service we provide is a knowledgable recommendation for substrate/mesh/squeegee selection. In Screenprinting this can make all the difference between an excellent image and an OK image.

Images are usually sent via Wetransfer, Dropbox, or can be emailed in a zipped format.
Please submit images in the following formats:
Best: .TIF, .PSD, .BMP (MAC COMPATIBLE PLEASE), .AI (Be certain to outline type AND to ungroup all objects, and if running illustrator- please put your registration marks IN your artwork), .PDF (again, outline all type if from Vector/Illustrator)

OK but generally poor image quality: .JPG, .GIF

Lastly- you must Supply a screen.
After discussing your substrate and image parameters, you can supply us with a screen. If you do not already have a screen, VICTORY FACTORY can drop ship screens directly to Haven Press.

For your convenience, here is their website URL and number:

800-255-5335, or 718-454-2255
You can also email them now:mail@victoryfactory.com

For your convenience, the following chart displays pricing on a variety of frames from VICTORY FACTORY - to price your screen out, give them a call about shipping directly to Haven Press. They have our address on file and will know what to do, but please tell them to use UPS ONLY:

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