Rob Corradetti makes drawings and all kinds of printed matter. He produces Tshirts, Posters, Stickers, and all sorts of other happenings under the guise of Killer Acid.

Recently, I was asked to produce a 7 color screenprint for Rob, "Seamonsters".

Printed on Coventry Rag paper in an edition of 50 pieces, this print has been featured on the cover page of the Washington Post's arts and entertainment edition.

You can find it for sale here:

Pizza Slices and Flocked Fluorescent Internet Trolls….
They're both screenprinted onto Clayboard, which is really nicely made paneling from Ampersand…

The Pizza slices are actually cut out with a bandsaw and hand painted by the artist;

The screen;

The 24X36 "Blanks";

You can buy them here!

The internet trolls are fluorescent and black flocking, so they work perfect in backlight….

A Smattering of previous work, all in screenprint, all (or mostly, unless sold out) available from Rob's Etsy store:

Killer Acid Trademark miniprints:

Troll Variations (20X26" screenprint on paper):

(under a blacklight)

"Go For the gold" (these have a lustrous metallic gold background!)

Frogs and Flies screenprint (these have a sparkly blue metallic background!):