This publication was made in collaboration with Greenpoint, Brooklyn based painter and multi-media artist Michael Hambouz. The artist uses multi-dimensional perspectives and forms, layering, and shadows as tools to capture profound experiences and complex information. Hints of familiar shapes peek through radiant hues and kinetic forms to elicit a sense of connectivity in his rigorous practice of technicolor paintings verging on sculpture, narrative drawings and the reimagining of works in new forms and materials.

Nervous Electricity, 2018

This particular project is in relation to his Lenticular/Delenticulated Paintings, "kinetic 3-dimensional sculptural works based on the seemingly arbitrary patterns left by LP collections in stacks/on shelves and the sonic energy and guidance of the music contained within."

This work was made by combining two paintings into a complex set of separations designed to produce a flat sheet which could be re-constructed into a three dimensional form not unlike the artist's other original works; once printed, the work is scored; folded; stitched/adhered to a backing board; and exists as a multi-planed lenticular work which creates many distinct visual experiences depending on the angle the viewer observes it from. The complexity of production is only matched by the complexity of the experience the finished piece offers.

15 color screenprint on Somerset Velvet, stitched into a lenticular form with linen thread; mounted to 4-ply museum board, cradled in custom matte white poplar shadow boxes

19.75" x 29.5" x 0.75" (art dimensions)

20.6" x 30.25" x 1.5" (exterior cradle dimensions)

A Publication of Haven Press Studio. Edition of 45 + 5 artist’s proofs and 2 printer’s proofs. Hand-signed and numbered. You can purchase it currently Here, along with other wonderful works by Michael.