DOUGLAS MELINI (b. 1972) lives and works in New York. He was educated at CalArts, LA (MFA) and the University of Maryland, College Park (BA). Doug makes hard edged paintings which display a remarkably delicate, highly crafted vernacular of techniques and methods in layers during their making, yet appear effortlessly created when one observes the final result.
"Douglas Melini's canvases are a dazzling balance between object figuration and pure abstraction. His colorful, pattern-filled works combine the geometric composition and authority of Cubism with the disorienting visual chaos of Op Art, rendering Melini's own form of aesthetic reconfiguration." - Artspace

Douglas and I collaborated on this screenprint titled "Starry Sky" in Spring, 2018; it was his first print edition and I was honored to work with him on it. Through the creation of a set of hand-painted films, we produced and made a work that is nuanced and layered with a glow akin to his original paintings. 18 different inks were used and printed in transparent glazes or opaque elements to create the image; afterwards the prints were hand finished with a custom corner-cutting jig to give them a sculptural notched corner, not unlike the frames on his paintings of the same series which are notched out in a similar way. Douglas applies a high degree of craft, ingenuity, and intention in his work yet it appears so playful and unrestrained.